Charlotte Construction Industry Gives Back to Local Family

At Hoopaugh, we take pride in doing what it takes for our clients, trade partners and for those throughout our community. As we help to build the Carolinas through our day-to-day business operations, we understand that growth and development often starts by helping those right in our own backyard.

HGC was recently approached with a construction opportunity to give back to a local family in need. This family consists of two young children being raised by their grandparents who are facing financially challenging times.

“For us, it was an easy decision,” said Brandon Lindsey, Vice President of Operations at Hoopaugh Grading Company. “We knew that alongside our industry partners we had access to the resources and materials needed to make a difference and knew helping out on this project was the right thing to do.”

The family’s driveway, running parallel to an unmanaged private road, was being impacted by a partially collapsed culvert drainpipe. To make matters worse, storm water was starting to flood making the terrain even more dangerous. As a result, the family had no safe access to their home. They had no way of paying for the repairs and were in extreme need of help. They were hoping someone with construction experience could help them out, but never imagined a group of strangers from area companies would jump in to help them out.


After learning about the issue, Hoopaugh Grading, along with Piedmont Pipe ConstructionCore & MainMartin Marietta and Blue Max Trucking pitched in to help provide supplies, labor and clean-up at no cost to the family.  Now the family can safely drive to their home without the fear of their driveway collapsing beneath them.


We are grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of a project that directly impacted our neighbors. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our industry partnerships and doing what it takes to make the Carolinas the best place to live.