Doing What it Takes During COVID-19

Listed as a COVID-19 essential business, Hoopaugh Grading Company has been able to continue operating throughout the Charlotte region to help keep projects on schedule and meet deadlines for our clients. Despite any challenge we have faced throughout our history, we know that honest and transparent communication is critical to our success during rocky and unprecedented times.

Over the last few weeks, Brian McManus, Owner & President of HGC, has been providing consistent company-wide video updates to keep everyone informed of COVID-19 guidelines and developments. He has also used this opportunity to recognize our hardworking employees, provide industry, customer, and project updates, as well as offer a voice of stability by reinforcing our core values.

In addition, we have increased our communication resources to better connect remote office employees to the rest of the company who remain in the field. While we had existing tools to assist our team, we have recently leaned heavily on more creative and engaging platforms. This has allowed us to manage and host modified, virtual face-to-face discussions, large group meetings and training and development courses.

Beyond how we are adapting our internal business operations during COVID-19, we have also implemented several other measures of precaution to keep our employees, clients, and community safe, including:

During this time of crisis, we understand that we are just one of many businesses in the Charlotte community that have felt the impact of, and had to adapt to, COVID-19. We are grateful for our long-lasting partnerships that allow us to continue to help build the Carolinas while supporting our neighbors in need. We know that by continuing to follow our core values and doing what it takes to find stability in every situation, we will be better prepared for a stronger (and healthier) future.