Growth, Lessons, and Leadership in Construction

Earlier this year, we shared with you our vision for recruitment and development as we continue to strategically plan for growth, new technology, and increased capabilities as a company. As we open 2021, we want to share an update on our progress from 2020 (as well as an exciting announcement!).

HGC Leadership Academy.

Our inaugural class of leaders will graduate from the program in January after a year that looked very different than we had planned. Over the course of the last twelve months, we discovered several key takeaways from the program that we will use to shape future trainings including:

HGC Apprenticeship Program.

The first year of our apprenticeship program is also coming to a close. We have seen some incredible successes from this program. Two participants have recently been selected to pursue management-in-training opportunities. Their realized potential earned them managerial recommendations and allowed them to take advantage of new opportunities from well-timed position openings.

As our apprentices continue to move through their program rotations, they are exposed to new divisions and areas of HGC they may not have otherwise experienced. The Apprenticeship Program is designed to develop well-rounded construction professionals and provide the HGC team with opportunities to move into roles that capitalize on their passions, skills and experience.

Over the next two years, the group will continue to develop through the program to deepen their understanding of the overall business structure, expand their knowledge of various departments and divisions, and build a solid foundation of company-wide relationships. Toward the end of the program, each apprentice will participate in personalized conversations to discuss their performance and share their particular area of interest as they look to grow with HGC.

Growing From the Inside out.

Brian McManus, recipient of Charlotte Business Journal’s Most Admired CEO award and HGC’s President, recently shared our company’s response to an ongoing construction industry labor shortage. Here is what Brian had to say about this year’s training program launches:

We are nearing the end of the first year of both programs and have seen positive results already. Although most companies within the construction industry notoriously face talent shortages, we have not faced as much of a labor gap as we have in years past. Not only are our teammates better trained and more engaged, we have also been able to reinvest in our HGC team by using this new training approach. This strategy has allowed us to be able to open a new state-of-the-art facility, the HGC Academy, a designated space for the training and development of our team members and partners.

Promoting from within, and providing a variety of growth opportunities, also gives our team a greater sense of purpose, allowing them to envision a career for themselves rather than just a position. From new hire orientation, through their first 90 days and beyond, they understand how they fit into the organization as a whole.

The HGC Academy officially opened on December 14, with operator training and safety classes immediately available to the team. These courses are typically held during rain days. Rather than sending crews home, we reroute them to the HGC Academy for additional training. Classes, offered through lecture, presentations, videos, and machine walk arounds, include equipment safety as well as basic and advanced equipment operations for the articulated truck, roller, excavator, and dozer. With the new HGC Academy, HGC is now able to hold classes in a dedicated office space prepped with simulators, manuals, computers, presentation screens, and more!

Lessons we Learned as a Company in 2020.

Like many others, we faced many unexpected challenges last year. Throughout our six decades in Charlotte, we have learned to be flexible and adaptable to succeed, but this year more than ever cemented that lesson for us.

We frequently sought out feedback from our team to find out what they enjoyed and found value in, as well as what HGC could do better. Our goal is to be the best in all that we do. The path to that goal means that even if we make mistakes or fall short from time to time, we must be able, willing, and eager to hear criticism and address problems head-on.

The one constant that has been present is the commitment we have to our team, our partners, and our clients. These relationships are the foundation for which everything else we do is made possible. We have continued to invest in our greatest asset – our team – in order to serve our clients through our turn-key site development solutions.

What’s Next?

As we start a new year, HGC is committed to becoming a top-tier training company that will continue to lead the way for our industry. As we move forward, the HGC Academy will offer a full suite of courses that provide the training and skills development needed for our team to be the best and provide the best service. The HGC Academy will also be used to help us better connect with our clients, vendors, and community partners. Whether we are hosting a class or industry-related event at the HGC Academy we now have the space and resources to help us elevate the entire industry one teammate at a time.