Executive Leadership Team

A Look Under The Hard Hat: Exclusive Insights from HGC’s Executive Leadership Team

Executive Leadership Discussions 

At Hoopaugh Grading Company (HGC), we believe that transparency, communication, and continuous improvement are  critical to a company’s success. Our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) embodies these values, coming together regularly to discuss fundamental topics around culture, challenges, opportunities, and achievements. We understand that keeping our team of over 700  teammates well-informed and engaged is crucial. But, we think you can learn from our leaders too, which is why we’re releasing a special series called “ELT” on our “Give Us The Dirt” podcast!

HGC Executive Leaders

Brian McManus


Brandon Lindsey

VP of Operations

Grayson Glover

VP of Construction

Tim Davis

VP of Construction

Here’s What You Can Expect From Each Episode:

*Links will be added as episodes are released. 

Get to know the faces behind HGC’s leadership. This episode offers personal insights and stories from each member of the ELT, providing a deeper understanding of the diverse experiences and perspectives that drive our company forward.

Learn about the core values that shape our company culture. Our ELT members reflect on how these values guide our decisions, behaviors, and interactions both within the company and with our clients, partners, and community.

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful project or relationship. This episode explores the strategies and practices we employ to ensure clear, consistent, and transparent communication across all levels of our organization.

Dive into the importance of accountability within HGC. Our leaders discuss how fostering a culture of accountability drives performance and reliability in the construction industry.

Coming July 24th: Training, The HGC Academy & Leaving Your Legacy

Discover our approach to training and development through The HGC Academy. This episode also touches on the significance of leaving a legacy and how we prepare our employees to make lasting contributions to the industry.

Coming July 31st: DiSC (Behavioral Self-Assessment Tool)

Explore the DiSC assessment tool that we use to understand and leverage individual behavioral styles. Learn how this tool enhances teamwork, communication, and overall productivity within HGC.

Coming August 7th: Professionalism in Construction

Professionalism is key in maintaining high standards and fostering trust in the construction industry. Our leaders discuss what professionalism means at HGC and how we uphold these standards in our daily operations.

Why This Series Matters

By sharing these episodes, we aim to provide valuable lessons and insights that can benefit other leaders in the construction industry. Whether you’re an industry veteran or new to leadership, there’s something in this series for you. Each episode is packed with actionable advice, real-life examples, and candid discussions that reveal the inner workings of HGC.

Tune In and Join the Conversation

We invite you to listen to the ELT series and gain a rare perspective on the leadership dynamics at HGC. Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to share your thoughts and questions with us. Together, we can continue to build a stronger, more connected construction community.



Don’t miss this special ELT Series on “Give Us the Dirt” featuring releases June 26 – August 7!