HGC, Committed to an Inclusive Workforce

At HGC we are committed to an inclusive workforce that fully represents many different cultures, backgrounds, skills, and viewpoints. The more inclusive we are, the stronger our team will be.

We understand that to make meaningful change we must continue building an inclusive work environment that celebrates the differences of our team members while ensuring everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered.

We also remain focused on continual improvement and look for areas of opportunity to enhance our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. This is important to the culture of our current and future team members and for the relationships with our clients and trade partners.

Taking Action

Women in Construction

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2021 women made up 11% of the construction workforce. In an industry dominated by males, HGC is breaking the mold to create opportunities for women and working to make those roles more appealing. HGC has grown its female workforce to 6% and continues to bring on more women each month.

Jessica Rodriguez, Senior Recruiter at HGC, has been a team member for 2 years.

Being a woman in the construction industry has its challenges, just like any other job. If a woman comes to HGC and is willing to learn, determined to succeed, and enjoys what she does then she can accomplish a lot. I am very proud that I have decided to succeed in this industry, and I enjoy being part of HGC!” said Jessica.

With an intentional effort to recruit more women into HGC, there has been an increase in diversity of thought and experience within our teams, resulting in more efficiencies and collaboration. If you are a female interested in pursuing this exciting industry, let us show you why it’s a good move!

Equipment Operator Amanda Maggard is one of the growing number of women at HGC.

Bilingual Leaders, Training, & Work Opportunities

The prevalence of foreign language in construction, especially Spanish, can lead to communication-based safety issues. We work to prevent that by providing opportunities for our teammates to work in environments in which they are most comfortable. Starting from a teammate’s first day at HGC, we have Spanish-speaking leaders in place to make sure each new hire experiences the same onboarding as everyone else. Our three recruiters are fluent in English and Spanish to ensure the new hire process is smooth for the entire team.

Once you are on the team, training is immediately available. From safety courses to equipment operations, our training curriculum is available with Spanish subtitles or through full immersion with our bilingual trainers, ensuring there is no language barrier preventing our Spanish-speaking team members from receiving the best possible training and support.

Once a teammate is in the field, the support does not stop there! Many of our field leadership, from Senior Superintendents to Superintendents and Foreman, are fluent in Spanish as well. If a teammate feels more comfortable working alongside Spanish-speaking peers, our leadership team can make accommodations accordingly.

Bilingual Safety Superintendent Jose Martinez discusses safety hazards at a HGC cookout.

Skills & Experience

At HGC, we’re committed to providing opportunities for individuals regardless of their skill or experience level. Whether you’ve worked in the industry your entire career or you’ve never stepped foot on a job site, we customize our training programs to match your needs with your career goals.

Individuals who are brand new to the industry receive additional training days in the field after new hire orientation and participate in our Green Hard Hat program, allowing leadership and peers to easily identify and better support them in the field.

The HGC Academy, which opened its doors in 2020, was designed to provide industry-leading training where we can develop our team to be the best. In addition to our 3 state-of-the-art Caterpillar Simulators, we offer over 70 classes related to Equipment Operator Training, Jobsite Safety Training and Professional Development. With 10 dedicated classroom and field trainers, our curriculum is designed for any skill level giving every teammate the confidence they need to be successful at HGC.

Senior Recruiter Jessica Rodriguez leads an orientation.

We are excited for our continuous journey toward being the best and are proud of what each of our teammates bring to the job every day. We are committed to evolving into an even more inclusive workforce in the future and look forward to developing creative solutions so our teammates can be their best as well.