Going the Extra Mile with Division 40

At HGC, one of our core values is Do What It Takes. This core value means going the extra mile for our team and partners. The perfect example of this is our team at Division 40! This resource group helps kick off & close out each project and oversees all fine grading and erosion control needs at HGC. Known for their positive attitudes, unrivaled efficiency, first-class communication, and adaptability, this group is always a pleasure to work with.

Merging Teammates & Values

The story of Division 40 at HGC begins back in the fall of 2018. After many successful years of working together, Erosion Control Services (ECS) merged into HGC to become an in-house resource and was renamed Division 40. They brought with them 80 employees, countless years of leadership experience, and a new HGC office location! These new teammates fit right in at HGC, and their leaders transitioned into new roles easily. These leaders are still at HGC, and you’ve probably seen them on Give Us The Dirt! They are VP of Construction Grayson Glover, Utilities Director Jeff Byrum, and Erosion Control Manager James Bernard. 

Merging with HGC was a no-brainer and I’m thrilled that it has been so successful. The culture here is top notch and I’m excited to see how we continue to grow!James Bernard, Erosion Control Manager

Division 40 Today

Today Division 40, affectionately known as Division Do-It-All, has over 115 teammates who manage erosion control and fine grading on HGC’s 40+ projects. To manage these projects, these teammates are broken up into crews of 2-3 people. One equipment operator serves as the Lead Man or Superintendent along with 1-2 laborers, or general operators, who handle a variety of responsibilities. 

You’ve read a lot about erosion control and fine grading, so before we go any farther, let’s break these two groups down!

  • Erosion Control – Implementation of various practices to retain soil on projects from weather events and other activity. This includes silt fence, curb, sediment ponds, ditches, and soil stabilization. Erosion control is of the utmost importance at every stage of a job!
  • Fine Grading – The precise grading for curb installs, road installs, and building pads. After mass grading comes through to move dirt in bulk, the fine grading crews deploy to deliver the project’s plans down to tenths of an inch.

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An erosion control crew oversees the removal of silt fence.

Due to the diverse requests and project demands, this resource group is always on the go. Arriving to HGC East or their first jobsite at 6 AM, these teammates can move between multiple projects per day, performing a different task at each one! Let us be the first to tell you, their adaptability is second to none.

The daily responsibilities of Division 40 also require next-level efficiency. They may not be moving as much dirt as our mass grading resource group, but Division 40, and specifically Fine Grading, must grade their work to precise levels by strict deadlines.

 Although we may encounter the unexpected, this team maintains positive attitudes and unmatched results. I couldn’t be prouder to be part of this resource group!Chase Hunter, Field Manager

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Jose Ledezma & Chase Hunter discuss next steps at a project.

Looking Ahead

With renowned processes and high-quality work, Division 40 is looking to expand in the future. As HGC grows, Division 40 hopes to add more crews to cover an increase in projects while maintaining their exceptional adaptability. This group will also benefit from rapid advancements in technology as they have a strong focus on precision in their work. 

Division 40 is not only a vital group at HGC, but one the rest of our company can model itself after. This group attacks each day with unbelievable energy and embody all five of our core values in everything they do, even when faced with adverse weather conditions or an unexpected change request. Their precision, communication, and adaptability ensure that Best is Standard.