HGC’s Vision to be the Best

With the market adjusting to a post-pandemic normal, construction technology continuing to evolve and the demands of the industry rising, site-developers like HGC are being forced to adapt or risk being left behind. To be better prepared for the unknown, our leadership team proactively took a step back, asked the tough questions and evaluated our company’s mission and vision. Since then, the goal has been clear: We will do what it takes to be the best site developer in the Carolinas.

We are committed to putting the right people in the right seats, so we are poised to expand our services and capabilities, all while creating innovative processes to be more efficient for our clients and partners.

Earlier this year, a longtime dream became a reality when we opened the doors to our very own training facility. The HGC Academy is one of the first in our industry and sets the HGC team and our clients up for success as well as attracts young talent to the industry. Now we want to pull back the curtain and give you a peak behind the scenes to see how we are bringing HGC’s vision to life.

Who is the Team Development Group?

The Team Development Group (TDG) is one of HGC’s resource groups designed intentionally to support the goals and initiatives of the entire organization. From TDG’s initial formation in 2019, the team has grown significantly in size and focus. Team member’s responsibilities were realigned, and new team members were brought on board so that TDG could better support the needs of the company.

Today, the team’s responsibilities encompass safety, field training, classroom training, CAT simulator training, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and marketing. From new hire orientation to launching a podcast, this group is all-hands on deck to support the vision to be the best.

“Over the past two years, I have watched our leadership continuously invest in the future of our teammates and the success of the company,” said Katie Page, Director of Team Development. “We are a diverse group that bring a lot of unique experiences to the table, but at the end of the day we all come together to improve HGC across the board.”

Part of Team Development Group


Safety is our number one priority at HGC, so it is no surprise that the safety team was recently realigned to work jointly with the existing Team Development Group. By bringing these two teams together, TDG now has access to more resources and a broader perspective of our operations, resulting in an overall safer company.

Under the direction of HGC’s Safety Manager, Mason Kirkley, this group is responsible for developing standard operating procedures, implementing new initiatives, and providing field and classroom training to empower our teammates to be their safest.


At HGC, we pride ourselves inbeing a teaching company. Our team of experienced trainers, based out of the HGC Academy, help make that vision a reality. By having OSHA and Red Cross certified trainers on our team, we are able to proactively provide the tools needed for HGC, and our partners, to succeed.

In addition, our training superintendents, under the leadership of TDG Field Manager, Eddie Rollings, oversee our equipment training, starting on a new hire’s first day at HGC. This group provides classroom training as part of new hire orientation and closely follows the operators through their first 90 days to ensure they are safe and competent in their new position.

With an innovative team of trainers, dedicated classroom space and three CAT equipment simulators, we are able to continuously improve in order to meet the needs of our team, client and partners.

Classroom Training at the HGC Academy

Employee Relations.

Over the past twelve months our recruiting and onboarding team has worked tirelessly to fill our open positions with high-performing individuals, allowing our headcount to increase to over 600 teammates. As our company continues to grow, this group not only sources individual talent, but they also enhance the HGC experience for the entire organization by building trust and reenforcing the importance of our core values in every person they encounter.

They are the first voice a candidate hears during a phone screen, and the familiar face that follows them throughout their journey with our company. In an industry where change is inevitable, having this dedicated group allows us to be a better employer to our people.

Marketing & Community Relations.

So how does TDG package and sell everything that HGC offers in a way that is simple yet impactful? By collaborating with the people around us, leveraging our talents and ideas, and creatively driving awareness for our clients and partners.

We are breaking with tradition and busting the myth that construction is an old-school business. Our most recent wild idea, brought to life by TDG and our VP of Operations, Brandon Lindsey, is our podcast, Give Us The Dirt. This platform allows us to connect with the thought leaders, the game changers and the people who have been building our communities for decades.

At HGC, our marketing efforts are simply a reflection of our relationships. Our success is measured by the success of our clients and partners, and we will continue to showcase our work through them.

Field Training led by Safety Superintendent, Edward Sluiter

How Will This Impact Our Industry?

To put it simply, the Team Development Group is part of what is setting HGC ahead of the competition. Whether we are offering customized training paths to improve the skills of our operators or bringing in our sub-contractors for continuing education, we are helping elevate the industry and are raising the bar for other construction companies to do the same.

“I have been in the construction business for over 20 years, and no other company has what we have,” said Brandon Lindsey, VP of Operations. “There are a lot ofsite-developers out there that can move dirt efficiently, but by having the HGC Academy and the Team Development Group, HGC without a doubt provides an unmatched advantage to everyone we partner with.”

At HGC, we are excited to see what the future holds for our industry and are confident that as a company we are prepared to tackle any challenges and continue to be a leader in our industry.