Facebook Data Center Phase 1 & 2

Project Stats:

  • 600,000 CY of earth moved
  • 38,000 SY of Stone Base & Asphalt
  • 28,000 LF of Stone Base & Asphalt
  • 27,000 LF of Duct Bank
  • 22,000 LF of Duct Bank
  • 12,000 LF of Storm Drainage


With the right plan, teamwork, and expedited mobilization the HGC Project Team was able to successfully deliver the first building pad, by moving 250,000 cy of earth, in only one week. Then go on to complete Phase 1 in just under 13 months. All while simultaneously excavating 115,000 cy of rock, 277,000 cy of earth, and prepping twin 250k square feet building pads in phase 2.