The Trusted Partners of HGC

In the spirit of giving back, we want to recognize a few of our dependable partners on our jobsites, in the community, and throughout the industry. We would not be the innovative, award-winning company we are today without these trusted partners, so we want to highlight how these organizations help us be the best!

The most critical pieces to an HGC project (other than the people!) is the equipment, the materials, & the earth we move. Luckily for us, we have the best in the business assisting us with each of these. Our heavy equipment needs are primarily handled by the undisputed construction industry leaders – Ascendum Machinery, Carolina Cat & James River Equipment. While these companies are competitors, they are united by a common goal of supplying our industry with innovative solutions & superior heavy machinery. Pushing each other to be the best is one of the best things about the dirt world & these groups keep us up and running!

In addition to our equipment, we wouldn’t be able to finish a project without materials, including stone, pipe, and concrete. Partners like Concrete Supply, Core & Main, Ferguson Waterworks, Fortiline, Luck Stone, Martin Marietta, Stevenson-Weir Southern, Tindall, & Vulcan come together to create a reliable foundation for the dirt world. All our material partners strategically & efficiently deliver us what is needed to finish projects daily, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients!

At our core, we move earth in a variety of ways, from mass grading to fine grading, and utilities… and our partners help here too! Whether it’s building walls, blasting rock, hauling dirt, or placing curb & asphalt – we are constantly transforming the ground with assistance from our trusted subcontractors.

Retaining walls are important on every jobsite, especially for erosion control measures, and our friends at Hart Wall & New Dimensions build the best! This process requires specialized training to ensure the site stays on grade while the walls are built. Our wall partners are experts on this side of our projects, and we know that we can trust them to get it done safely and efficiently.

In our business, rock & other subsurface material can often get in the way … fortunately for us Tarheel Drilling & Blasting has been a reliable partner for years! They expertly handle all controlled blasts so our work can continue as scheduled.

Many projects also require dirt to be completely removed from the site, which is outside of our in-house scope of work… but not Blue Max Trucking’s! Blue Max’s fleet has been a mainstay of our projects for years and handles any of our hauling needs. Their Owner & President, Denton Williams, was even one of the first guests on Give Us The Dirt! Check out his episode!

HGC doesn’t self-perform asphalt or most curb work, but we have all-star partners that assist us, including Ferebee Corporation, Flowe Construction, & Maymead. Every finished HGC project requires asphalt and/or curb and we have no problem confidently handing that over to any of our partners!

“Our partners are truly the unsung heroes of everything we do. We are so thankful for them, not only during this holiday season, but throughout the year! We look forward to many more fruitful years working alongside of these incredible partners.”

Brandon Lindsey, VP of Operations

At HGC, we are a teaching company… and that includes developing the future workforce! We are always on the lookout for new avenues to showcase the dirt world to the teammates of tomorrow and groups like Be Pro Be Proud, She Built This City, and Put Tools in Schools allow us to do just that across the region.  These partnerships, along with local school systems, are vital to the future of the construction industry. We have found countless future operators and shed light on the benefits and misconceptions of our industry in these schools, and we can’t wait for our next visit!

“The development of groups like these has been a gamechanger for our industry. Their passion for the dirt world makes it a privilege to work with them. I’m also so happy to see local schools welcome these programs in with open arms!”

Suzanna Conrad, Community Relations Coordinator

Another partnership we’re excited about is with BuildWitt – an organization dedicated to making the dirt world a better place by bringing people together to solve workforce and industry problems. We couldn’t agree more with their mission & have been given the privilege to work with them on their training platform, their workforce peer groups, and we were even featured recently on their vlog. As our industry changes, we look forward to collaborating with them to develop creative solutions to evolve into the future!

Aaron Witt’s vlog featuring HGC!

              Our countless technology partners have allowed us to further differentiate from our competitors. Whether it’s our cutting-edge GPS equipment technology from SITECH Horizon, our game changing simulators from Simformotion, or our drone partners who help us touch the skies – we remain on the forefront of technological innovation in the dirt world thanks to these organizations!

“Our technology partners are an integral part of the equation that keeps HGC on the cutting-edge of innovation in our industry, whether it’s on the jobsite or in our Academy!”

Katie Page, Director of Team Development   

              While we can’t possibly name all our partners, we are certain that we would not be the best site developer in the Carolinas if it wasn’t for each and every one of them. They are the unsung heroes of this industry, and we’re proud to have had the chance to shine a light on the work they do. They truly keep this industry moving, expanding, and pushing the boundaries. Since 1953, they have been by our side every step of the way, and as we move into the next 70 years, we plan to keep them there. With a vision of being the best, we only want the best partners… and these companies fit the bill!