Building a Charlotte Company on Core Values

Sometimes values, mottos, and other standards may be created simply for appearances or marketing, but that’s not the case for HGC. For us, our core values extend beyond something we put on our website – they shape everything about our company culture and frame how we continually work on building a Charlotte company on core values.

For our clients, our core values are reflected in all of our interactions and relationships, from the first meeting to the second decade of doing business together. For our community, our core values drive us to seek connection and require that we do more than exist amongst the people around us, we need to offer our help when we can. Finally, for our employees and their families, our core values dictate how we operate as a team, support each other, and grow.

We do What it Takes.

This core value can be observed throughout HGC on a daily basis. From our dedicated crews on the job site working despite inclement weather, to our operations team developing new communication tools, to our safety team helping us continue essential business during a pandemic, we ensure the expectations of our clients are met and promises are fulfilled, regardless of circumstances.

We are Dependable.

When we talk about dependability, not only do we mean that our clients can trust us to complete their projects in a safe and timely fashion to their satisfaction, we are also referring to the accountability we require from each other. We are only as good as our last job, our last hire, and our last communication. For HGC to be successful, we must start with being reliable teammates to one another.

We are Respectful. 

At HGC, we encourage all interactions to be positive and viewed as an opportunity for growth. We understand that some conversations may be difficult and uncomfortable but are necessary to the business. Listening to each other and being open to change allows us to use these situations as a chance to learn and hear another person’s perspective.

We Keep Things Simple.

Over the decades, we have been able to adopt our business model to keep things simple for our clients. By adding new divisions to our scope of operations, we can offer more comprehensive services and capabilities in-house, reducing the amount of work required by the client. Our dedicated project teams help streamline the process, so projects are more turn-key.

We do all Things with Integrity.

This is a core value that most companies try to incorporate but find hard to reinforce. With integrity at the center of what we do, our other four core values are easier to promote. From the first day of onboarding at HGC to continued career training, we make sure our employees understand the HGC definition. Our employees follow safety protocols and act with high moral standards, even when nobody is watching.

So How Do We Know These Values Work?

We listen to the feedback from our employees, our partners, and our customers. By regularly checking on our results, we know that the way we hire and work is effective. Although we’ve also received recognition for our workplace culture and leadership, the most accurate measure of how we’re doing always comes back to listening to our key stakeholders.