Paving The Way For HGC

When you think of HGC you probably think of dirt moving, and you’d be right… but we don’t stop there! From mass & fine grading to utility work, HGC can do it all in site development, including self-performing concrete paving work! This is one of our newer in-house capabilities but is yet another reason HGC is the premier turnkey site developer in the Carolinas.

In the short time we have had our concrete team we have been able to diversify our projects and offer our clients and partners even more services. In turn, we can now design more comprehensive bids and additional scopes of work for our team. These capabilities allow HGC to Keep It Simple for our clients by keeping as much work under our umbrella as possible, minimizing additional subcontractors on a jobsite.


Before we dig into our concrete team, let’s clear up a common misconception. The terms “cement” and “concrete” are regularly used interchangeably, but they are different. Cement is actually an ingredient in concrete! Concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregates (sand & gravel), water, and air (yes, air!).This mixture becomes extremely durable and continues to strengthen over time. So, whenever you see a mixing truck on the road, now you know it has concrete in it… not just cement!

The mixing truck of one of our trusted concrete partners, Stevenson-Weir, at a recent pour.


Like many services at HGC, concrete work wasn’t always offered in-house. This changed in 2020 when a team of concrete professionals was pulled together and a Laser Screed with 3-D Profile Package was purchased. A laser screed is a machine that flattens slabs to grade quicker, more precisely, and with even more power. The 3-D Profile Package is essentially the pour blueprint for the screed. The average laser screed can accurately level 240 square feet of concrete in 60 seconds! Without it, the whole concrete slab would have to be leveled by hand. The screed is a gamechanger and has been vital to this team’s growth & success.

Led by Director of Concrete Services, Dallas Owens, the concrete team has grown to over 20 teammates who are all cross trained on different facets of concrete paving. The concrete teammates at HGC all have diverse skillsets so they can be divided into smaller crews and fill various positions during a pour, such as:

  • Laborers – Prep the site for the pour, stage trucks during the pour, and clean up after the pour.  
  • Carpenters – Install the edge forms (molds) and construction & isolation joints (prevent cracks).
  • Laser Screed Operators – Assist with pour prep, build the3-D model, and operate the Laser Screed during the pour.
  • Finishers – Ensure the concrete is smooth and durable.
  • Saw Cutters – Lay out and cut the contraction joints. Contraction joints are the grooves you see in poured concrete.

“Our team is rock solid and so flexible. It makes it so much easier to oversee a pour when I know this group not only have each other’s backs but can do what it takes to get the job done!”

Concrete Superintendent, Shawn Cartwright
A concrete teammate examines the pour site. 


This group can average 40,000 square feet of concrete pavement placed in one day… that’s as much as 2 football fields! To achieve these incredible numbers, this crew works a unique schedule. The process of paving can take upwards of 12 hours and begins in the middle of the night. Our team starts at this time because the cooler temperatures allow for easier paving. If they began pouring in the middle of the day, the concrete would solidify too quickly and become unusable! These late-night hours also allow our team to work with less traffic disruption which is critical for the concrete trucks to come in and out efficiently.

Let’s dig into the average pour for this rock star paving group!

The timeline of an average pour.


With memberships in various concrete organizations, a growing list of completed projects from the coast of the Carolinas to Wake Forest to Concord, and satisfied clients across the region, this resource group is on the rise in our industry and evolving daily.

To say I’m excited about the future of the concrete group at HGC is an understatement. This team is already one of the strongest in the industry and will only get stronger as we grow. Our memberships in the American Concrete Pavement Association (SE Chapter), Carolinas Ready Mixed Concrete Association (CRMCA), American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC), and the NCDOT Rigid Pavement Committee have also allowed this team to start getting the spotlight they deserve, and I am incredibly grateful for HGC’s constant support!”

Director of Concrete Services, Dallas Owens
Dallas Owens speaking at the 2022 Virginia Concrete Pavement Conference

Although one of the newest services at HGC, our concrete group continues to impress our clients and trade partners. This group is adding quality teammates, bringing in new equipment, and filling their pipeline. With plans to keep increasing their footprint and capabilities into the future, we’re confident this team proves Best is Standard.

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