The HGC Academy

At HGC, Best is Standard. Which is why we are proud to announce our latest project – the HGC Academy! Our brand new, state-of-the-art facility was designed specifically to help us continue to be the best site-developer in the Carolinas.

With over 20,000 square feet of flexible space, the HGC Academy is home to three large training rooms, three customizable CAT simulators, a creative podcast & collaboration studio as well as office space for our Safety Team and Team Development Group.

To better meet the needs of our team, clients, and community partners, the HGC Academy allows us to continuously evolve. By focusing on four key areas: Operator TrainingSafety TrainingProfessional Development and Industry & Community Collaboration, we are now more equipped to support our clients, suppliers, trade partners and community stakeholders to tackle the issues that are important to the sustainability of the construction industry.

“This facility is going to be a game-changer for our team. We are breaking the mold of what is expected in this business and are no longer just a grading company. We are the future of site-development,”
said HGC President, Brian McManus.
Our training rooms are fully equipped with turn-key A/V solutions and large enough to accommodate COVID-19 social distancing measures.

Operator Training.

HGC takes pride in its ability to train and develop operators so our projects are executed safely and efficiently. Our Operator Training courses offer teammates a range of information from basic knowledge of machines to more advanced courses including GPS & Job Site Technology and are designed for everyone from new hires to our most experienced industry professionals.

The course catalog is constantly developing, thanks to teammates like Eddie Rollings, Training & Development Coordinator at HGC.

“Our motto is ‘Best is Standard.’ From our training opportunities to our top-of-the-line equipment, HGC provides the resources needed to help our team live and work the HGC way,” said Rollings.

Creating and developing relevant, engaging, and diverse training courses for operators is just one component of HGC’s Team Development Group’s role. This team is also responsible for ensuring certified trainers and subject matter experts are available to help transfer this knowledge from the classroom to the field.

Example Operator Courses:

The HGC Academy is also home to our three state-of-the-art Caterpillar simulators. Each simulator is convertible and equipped with motion-detection platforms that give the operator a realistic feel of how a machine will operate in the field. The Dozer and Excavator simulators have a virtual reality component that further enhance the experience.

Ryan Hawkins, Training Coordinator for HGC, practices the hand and foot controls of the CAT Dozer.

With real world applications, we are able to up train our operators on different machines and track their progress without ever stepping foot on a job site.

Tony Newlin, Simulator Coordinator and Instructor, has been instrumental in training field operators.

“New, inexperienced operators are able to learn the cab and controls through simulated exercises and industry best practices. Correcting mistakes as they go gives them the confidence needed to succeed in the field,” said Newlin.

Equipment Simulators:

The EMPOWERED wall at the HGC Academy showcases why our team works safely every day.

Safety Training.

Safety is our number one priority at HGC. Our experienced team of Safety Superintendents are OSHA & Red Cross certified and are available to train our teams in both English and Spanish. Our safety courses are designed to help keep our teammates, subcontractors, and clients safe while continuing to work efficiently.

By bringing the operators out of the field and into a classroom during inclement weather, our team is able to maximize the work week, while providing ongoing education opportunities, resulting in a more skilled team. Our desire is that through the HGC Academy we will be able to EMPOWER every HGC team member as a safety ambassador for the organization to keep everyone in the company safer.

“We teach them, but they also teach us a lot about what goes on in the field. These trainings improve communication between our team and field operators and empowers them to speak up when they see something hazardous,”
shared Mike Riley, Director of Safety.

One of the current goals for the Safety Team is to have every HGC teammate CPR certified by the end of 2021. This initiative launched at the end of 2019, but with limited training space, it was difficult to schedule classes. By opening the HGC Academy, with three large training rooms plus two additional flex spaces, this goal is now well within reach.

Example Safety Courses:

Professional Development.

In addition to jobsite operations and safety courses, the HGC Academy is focused on providing trainings built around the development of professional business skills. By offering these courses, we are able to build the next generation of HGC leadership.

Example Professional Development Courses:

The HGC Academy's podcast (coming soon!) & collaboration studio.

Industry & Community Collaboration.

In addition to our internal training and development opportunities, we are excited to use the facility to help strengthen our relationships throughout the industry and community.

By offering our space as a resource, we are creating new connections that did not exist before. From events hosted by nonprofit organizations to supplier seminars and career fairs, the possibilities at HGC Academy are endless!

Since opening our doors, the HGC Academy has helped facilitate training for 500+ employees over 2,000+ hours. Our dynamic course catalog and growing team of certified trainers allows us to equip our employees with the knowledge to succeed at their job and in the safest manner possible.

The HGC Academy is simply another way we stand apart from the competition!